Q. In what order should I read the John Fastramp series?
A. John Fastramp and the Dakota 3000 Challenge is the first book in the series followed by the Ghost Speedway.

Q. Where can I buy the John Fastramp books?
A. The books are available on Amazon.com. Please click the ‘Buy from Amazon” button on the book pages or search “John Fastramp” on Amazon.com.

Q. What is the age range for reading John Fastramp?
A. I believe he ideal age are children between grades 3 and 6. However, having said that, I have many adults who’ve read the books and liked them! I’ve also heard from parents who have read the stories to their five-year olds for bedtime.

Q. Are the John Fastramp books just for boys?
A. Absolutely NOT! Many girls have enjoyed reading about John Fastramp.

Q. When is the next John Fastramp installment be available?
A. I am working on the next story now. I hope to have it completed by the end of the year. Please sign up for my emails to learn about the latest developments.

Q. Who does the John Fastramp artwork?
A. My good friend, Kirk Manley, is an extremely talented artist and does all of the John Fastramp artwork. Please see his artwork at www.studiokm.com

Q. Will you come to talk at our school, library, conference, etc?
A. If you are in Southern California, I would certainly be interested and happy to visit. Please send all requests to [email protected]

Q. How do I arrange for an author interview?
A. Please send me an email (see the contact page). I’m always happy to do interviews.

Q. How many books are planned in the Fastramp series?
A. There is no set number. I’ll keep writing them as long as there is interest.

Q. What is the novel, 36, about?
A. 36 is a thriller in the spirit of Preston and Child mixed with James Patterson. Please sign up for my emails to learn about the latest developments.

Q. What was your inspiration for turning bedtime stories into a book?
A. JK Rowling was taking the world by storm with Harry Potter, and many of my friends encouraged me to turn the rich universe of Fastramp characters and adventures into a book that other children could enjoy.

Q. What were the most rewarding moments of your writing?
A. I believe the most rewarding moment was when the New York Institute of Special Education converted the books to Braille. Reading to these children and watching their facial expressions as they imagined the story was tremendously rewarding.

But, also, I participated in a book drive by Shelly Darmanin and her husband. This intrepid couple sponsored a book drive for needy kids in Fiji and really delivered the goods. If you ever happen to be on Viwa Island, Fiji you might run across John Fastramp.

Q. How can I contact Jason Alter?
A. I can be reached at [email protected].